Just a quick line to say thanks ever so much for your efforts on Saturday!
I really enjoyed my time out on the water, I feel I learnt a great deal (even though I capsized) and you showed me some great moves.
Really appreciate your time and efforts so thanks once again for that!

Shane Spencer


Great coaching from Dave. Recommend it for any aspiring racers.

Paul Delamere



Awesome afternoon. We learnt lots and had loads of fun. Thanks Dave Baxter!

Steve Evans


Thanks Dave for a fantastic afternoon on the water, I know I am going to hurt lots tomorrow, but feeling chuffed at progress made at Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club.

Vanessa James


I've dinghy-sailed on and off for about twenty-five years, mainly in hired Wayfarers and as crew in other peoples boats.
This year I took the plunge, if you'll pardon the pun, and bought myself a third-hand Topaz Magno.
I tried it for the first time at Grimwith on 4th May. I was on my own and upon reflection it was far too windy for me and as I splashed around pathetically trying to right it. I seriously considered putting it straight back on the small-ads! A fortnight later I attended an Improvers Training session and had the good fortune of spending the afternoon with Dave Baxter.

Before launching Dave set about examining and tweaking the Magno rigging, explaining in simple plain terms at each stage what he was doing and why.
With that we were on the water with Dave simply letting me get on with it, giving encouragement and hints but never taking-over, always with an incredible level of infectious enthusiasm and a broad grin on his face.

I started the afternoon struggling to gain the confidence to do anything more ambitious than kneel nervously in the bottom of the boat and ended the day hanging out over the water going like the clappers, all the time with Dave Baxter's continued words of encouragement.

I can't recommend Dave enough as a coach, he never once tried to baffle me with technical terminology and used his enthusiastic encouragement to build my confidence in my self and my boat.
Dave is an all-round good bloke and I had a fantastic afternoons sailing.

Tim Twigger


After been a little fed up, because becky my daughter wanted to do some training on the helm and in typical fashion the weather was against us, Dave Baxter came to the rescue and took Becky out to do some crew training on the wire.

Her disappointment changed to being very enthusiastic about her sailing. I had to turn up the radio on the way home to stop her talking about sail boats and I thought I was bad!

Thanks Dave

Stu Keeble

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